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No one said ‘cut’! How COVID-19 blood tests help a TV channel to ensure its continuous operation

No one said ‘cut’! How COVID-19 blood tests help a TV channel to ensure its continuous operation

360° TV channel launches COVID-19 Antibody testing for its employees in cooperation with SILK WAY RALLY ASSOCIATION

On 19 May 2020 360° TV channel completed the first COVID-19 Antibody testing for its 50 employees. Express test kits for antibodies to COVID-19 help to identify whether a person has been exposed to the virus, which provides companies with crucial information to make management decisions and to minimize risks for employees not able to work from home. 

‘SILK WAY RALLY ASSOCIATION has a long history of cooperation with 360° TV channel, which is Rally Media Partner. Our long-term relations and cooperation in challenging environment brought us together, and now we have already become a team. We’ve always been saying that the Silk Way Rally is beyond racing, it is a transnational integration system. We have achieved actual results in transferring the Chinese technology and at the moment, in the framework of Bulat Yanborisov’s Private Grant Project, we have organized an observational research of analytical and scientific nature, based on the Chinese and Russian technologies and international experience in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19,’ Silk Way Rally Director General Bulat Yanborisov said

SWR Association’s research continues, and in the end of May 360° TV channel will launch the second round of testing. 

The first company to test its employees for antibodies to COVID-19 was Russia Today TV Channel. In May some tests were also run for the personnel of Sport and Entertainment Events Directorate of Moscow Sport Department. 

In the period from 29 April to 19 May SILK WAY RALLY ASSOCIATION has organized the testing for the total of more than 500 people. 

Silk Way Rally Association is an organizer of a transnational humanitarian project, conducted commonly by Russia and China and based on the 599-r order of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated April 8, 2001. The project exercises the cooperation between relevant executive authorities of rally host countries at every level and develops national management, which allows to implement the gained experience and mature system of communication to conduct large-scale interstate projects in politics and business.