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HSCI and Silk Way Rally entered into cooperation agreement to fight against coronavirus

HSCI and Silk Way Rally entered into cooperation agreement to fight against coronavirus

On April 20, 2020 the Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI) and Silk Way Rally Association entered into cooperation agreement to bring together each one’s experience, qualifications and expert knowledge to take common measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus.

In the framework of mutual cooperation, HSCI and Silk Way Rally intend to coordinate efforts in foreign economy sector to meet Russia’s demand for high-quality medical materials of critical need and their supply from China and other countries, to be then followed by organization of own manufacturing and technology transfer to confront the pandemic in Russia. Parties also plan to conduct joint actions to analyze the efficiency, to control the quality and to implement selected technologies, diagnostic systems and necessary equipment.

Silk Way Rally Association together with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation arranged the supply of Chinese IgG/IgM antibody to SARS-Cov-2 test kits and protective materials for military doctors and personnel of the Ministry, actively engaged in the fight against COVID-19. Such supplies were widely implemented during the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, where they were subject to multiple testing, adjusting and upgrading. Last week Silk Way Rally Association organized several video conferences between the United Action Against Coronavirus Committee of China, Chinese doctors, laboratory technicians, express test engineers and Russian military doctors. During such conferences the Chinese specialists provided training instructions and shared their experience in implementing of express test kits, which would accelerate the research programs of Russian scientists, military and civil specialists in virology and close the gap in fighting the new coronavirus in Russia.

As Silk Way Rally Association Director General Bulat Yanborisov said, ‘We are acting to perform the tasks, given by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the personal request of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu. The data obtained will allow the Ministry of Health to play a key role in confronting the pandemic. For instance, the diagnostic express test kits we provide are able to rapidly detect the infected, those at risk of being infected and, most importantly, those being immune after recovering from the virus. Some of the last can be donors, their blood serum with antibodies may be used to control the spread.  The technology of such express testing does not require complex and expensive equipment or numerous high-qualified specialists and allows to scale up its implementation all over the country. An enormous help in organization of working group to exchange and share the experience in fighting coronavirus in China was provided by the Government of PRC and the Ministry of Defense of China, and we express them our sincere gratitude. By sharing its experience in controlling the outbreak with Russia, China provides us with comprehensive help in this sutiation that is hard for all of us. We express our deep gratitude to the President of Russia and to the Minister of Defense, who are paying great attention to the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus in Russia and timely detection of infection among public, for their confidence in Silk Way Rally Association. This joint work will certainly once again confirm Sino-Russian common interests in strengthening of interstate relations.’

Artur Isaev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of HSCI, the Director of Genetico Center: ‘We see great potential in cooperation with Bulat Yanborisov’s team, especially in regard of their international experience of foreign economy cooperation and completion of challenging tasks. In Genetico Center we work on organization and performance of quality control of test kits of different manufacturers, so that the information regarding the specifications of each test kit is available to specialists for correct and effective usage.’

Silk Way Rally Association is an organizer of a transnational humanitarian project, conducted commonly by Russia and China and based on the 599-r order of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated April 8, 2001. The project exercises the cooperation between relevant executive authorities of rally host countries at every level and develops national management, which allows to implement the gained experience and mature system of communication to conduct large-scale interstate projects in politics and business.

Human Stem Cells Institute is a biotech company group, engaged in research, development and implementation of innovative biomedical products and technologies into health industry. HSCI specialists are experts in analyzing new medical technologies of various fields, their development and implementation, as well as experienced professionals in transfer and localization, which has been proven by the whole range of successful projects.

Several companies of HSCI Group take active part in the implementation of the above-said project, including Genetico Center, which is a Skolkovo resident and one of the leading laboratories in the field of genetic diagnostics. Genetico Center was established and operates under the support of Industrial Development Foundation, Russian Venture Company (RVC), Moscow Venture Investment Development Foundation, Innovation Promotion Foundation etc.