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China shared with Russia its technologies to fight against coronavirus

China shared with Russia its technologies to fight against coronavirus

China shared its technological experience in the fight against coronavirus during several video conferences with Russian specialists.

On these conferences China was represented by scientists, doctors and production engineers, engaged in manufacturing of express tests, chaired by the Head of the United Action Against Coronavirus Committee in China. Russian medical specialists will be able to implement their recommendations in future to confront the pandemic.

In the framework of such project, Silk Way Rally Association has also imported into Russia around 2,000,000 test kits to detect antibodies to the virus as well as various personal protective materials for military doctors and personnel of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

‘We are acting to perform the tasks, given by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the personal request of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu. We possess 10 years’ experience of conducting Silk Way Rally, which means meeting various challenges both in Russia and China. Our team settles administrative and law issues with relevant authorities as well as with large suppliers in the shortest time, and we are glad that our expert background turned out to be useful for overcoming this common challenge. We express our gratitude to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for their confidence and thank the Government and the Ministry of Defense of China for their cooperation,’ Silk Way Rally Association Director General Bulat Yanborisov sais.

According to Artur Isaev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Human Stem Cells Institute (which acts as a project partner), the supplied test kits are able to detect antibodies to the virus, which causes new infection COVID-19, and to tell whether someone has already been exposed to the virus. That is important information, because more than 75% of individuals infected with coronavirus show no symptoms.

Due to the common efforts, Russia will soon start fast and affordable testing and diagnostics to determine the immune status of general public.

Test kits, supplied in the framework of project, identify antibodies by analyzing a patient’s blood sample. Detecting IgG and IgM antibodies to SARS-Cov-2 tells whether an individual has been infected recently (positive IgM or positive IgM and IgG), while the presence of IgG antibodies is a sign of recovery stage and long-term immunity.

‘To use express test kits to detect IgG antibodies to coronavirus will give us information and statistics on the actual spread of virus, the number of infected people and the percentage of people being immune,’ Artur Isaev said. ‘People with IgG antibodies face almost no risks of being infected with or dying from COVID-19, while such antibodies are present. It is important not only for medical personnel, but also for people in many other occupations and for the faster recovery of normal economic activity in the country.’

Antibody tests were implemented in China after the beginning of the outbreak and in USA since April 1 to discover the number of infected people, including those that had shown no symptoms. Express tests are convenient and fast diagnostic method for large-scale testing.

Silk Way Rally Association is an organizer of a transnational humanitarian project, conducted commonly by Russia and China and based on the 599-r order of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated April 8, 2001. The project exercises the cooperation between relevant executive authorities of rally host countries at every level and develops national management, which allows to implement the gained experience and mature system of communication to conduct large-scale interstate projects in politics and business.

Human Stem Cells Institute is a biotech company group, engaged in research, development and implementation of innovative biomedical products and technologies into health industry. HSCI specialists are experts in analyzing new medical technologies of various fields, their development and implementation, as well as experienced professionals in transfer and localization, which has been proven by the whole range of successful projects.