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Dear fans of rally-raids!

Silk Way Rally invites you to experience the live atmosphere of real racing. This year organizers provide an opportunity to visit race bivouacs. Bivouac is the chance to get to the heart of Rally and close to the competitors and their vehicles. You can join the bivouac camp for one day and become its full member. A tour guide will show you how the teams leave, what is on the backstage. Two packages provided: bivouac guest and VIP bivouac. Please note that access to rally bivouac is provided on a paying basis. 

For further information please consult tel:  +7 937 618 40 22,
email: coordinator@silkwayrally.ru
Contact person – Manana Kveliashvili.


VIP bivouac

Our VIP guests are provided with an unlimited access to VIP lounge. At the entrance you will get a special bracelet, which gives access to VIP lounge and bivouac restaurant, where one can spend time in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, enjoy open bar and some desserts.

Package content

- VIP access to Race Bivouac from 4.30 PM

- Guided tour through Race Bivouac

- Dinner at the bivouac restaurant with competitors

- Access to the VIP lounge with open bar


Bivouac guest

At the entrance you will get a special bracelet, which gives access to rally bivouac and bivouac restaurant. One has an opportunity to explore technical park and learn how sporting teams finish and prepare for the next racing day.

Package content:

Access to the Race Bivouac from 4.30 PM

Dinner at the bivouac restaurant with the competitors

Available dates in July 2016

  • 09.07  in Kazan

  • 10.07  in Ufa

  • 11.07  in Kostanay

  • 12.07  in Astana

  • 13.07  in Balkhash

  • 14.07  in Almaty

  • 15.07 in Almaty (Rest Day) - Entrance from 10.30 AM

  • 16.07  in Boreal

  • 17.07  in Urumqi

  • 18.07 in Hami

  • 19.07  in Dunhuang

  • 20.07  in Jiayuguan

  • 21.07  in Alashan

  • 22.07 in Wuhai

  • 23.07  in Hohhot     


Contact details: +7 9376184022  coordinator@silkwayrally.ru .

Contact person: Manana Kveliashvili