Rally 2016

  • Gazprom

15 legs, 10.734,89 kms, 4.105,05 kms of selective section


07/07 Administrative checks & scrutineering
           07.30 – 23.00 Luzhniki Olympic Complex, Moscow

08/07 Administrative checks & scrutineering 
           07.30 – 12.30 Luzhniki Olympic Complex, Moscow

           Press Conference 
           14.30 Luzhniki Olympic Complex, Moscow

           Start Podium Ceremony 
           18.00 – 23.00 Red Square, Moscow

09/07 Leg 1: Moscow-Kazan 853,35 kms «Road to Tatarstan»

           Road section 1 849,85 kms
           Prologue 1,50 kms
           Road section 2 2,00 kms

           17.30 – 23.00: Podium followed by Prologue

The rally caravan leaves the Luzhniki Olympic stadium to complete a long liaison towards the capital of Tatarstan.

This sandy Super Special (2 km), especially designed for the rally, counts for the ranking. There, competitors will make their first laps.

The public will be at the rendezvous, the celebration promises to be beautiful in Kazan!

10/07 Leg 2: Kazan - Ufa 622,17 kms «Bachkirie’s track»

           Road section 1 35,59 kms
           Selective section 135,78 kms
           Road section 2 454,02 kms

           Nature of the ground: 100% track : soil 90% & gravel 10%

This first real special of 136 km will be run on a fairly fast dirt track between culture and vegetation, opportunities to overtake will be limited. Copilots abilities will be immediately tested, looking for the right track.

 After the special, competitors will receive a warm welcome when crossing Naberezhnye Chelny, home of Kamaz factory.


11/07 Leg 3: Ufa – Kostanay 815,15 kms «Towards Kostanay Oblast»

           Road section 1 343,09 kms
           Selective section 200,43 kms 

           Road section 2 271,63 kms

           Nature of the ground: 100% track : soil 100%

For the last special in Russia, the route of 200 km will be more technical, still on a soil track. While pilots will enjoy themselves, navigators will have to remain very attentive.

The border crossing between Russia and Kazakhstan will take place during the second road section.

12/07 Leg 4: Kostanay - Astana 855,69 kms «Akmola’s track»

           Road section 1 144,24 kms
           Selective section 345,33 kms

           Road section 2 366,12 kms 

           Nature of the ground: 100% track : soil 100%

After a short road section, the pace of the fourth stage will be more steady. The start of the special stage is rather fast, on a track made of both soil and sand. You will have to beware of some sectors with ditches and ruts. A stage which should please the ones who enjoy « driving ».

Before their arrival at the bivouac, competitors will be greeted in the center of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, where the atmosphere will be festive!

13/07 Leg 5: Astana - Balkhash 821,10 kms «The seven rivers lake»

           Road section 1 235,76 kms
           Selective section 568,83 kms 

           Road section 2 16,75 kms

           Nature of the ground: 100% track : soil 100%

The longest stage of the rally will also be the most beautiful! Changes of pace,  waterfords crossings, alternance of soil tracks and sandy off-tracks should make this stage particularly exciting! It is sure that the 569 km special will dig the first gaps at the overall ranking.

14/07 Leg 6: Balkhash - Almaty 855,88 kms «In between two lakes»

           Road section 1 327,10 kms
           Selective section 411,35 kms 

           Road section 2 117,43 kms

           Nature of the ground: 90% track : soil 100% . 10% track : soil 100%

This stage offers a wide variety of terrain with off-track, sandy tracks, small dunes, vegetation…  Numerous changes of direction will require competitors to follow the right heading and their road-books ! Some of the parts including end of the special will be rather fast. Once arrived at Almaty, competitors will regain forces at the rest day ! A well deserved and necessary rest, before the second week of competition!

15/07 Rest day at Almaty 


16/07 Leg 7: Almaty - Bortala 581,57 kms «The big mountains»

           Road section 1 85,51 kms
           Selective section 76,86 kms 

           Road section 2 419,20 kms

           Nature of the ground: 100% mountain track : soil 80% & gravel, stones 20%
           Altitude : from 1.072 to 2.575 m

This last stage in Kazakhstan will provide a unique mountain landscape on the Silk Way! A fairly technical track will lead the competitors to the high plateaus between 2000 and 2600 m altitude. A special splendid where it will not be unusual to find animals! A special short not to underestimate...

The border crossing between Kazakhstan and China will take place at the end of this special.

17/07 Leg 8: Bortala - Urumqi 905,35 kms «The beautiful meadow»

           Road section 1 513,64 kms
           Selective section 256,93 kms

           Road section 2 134,78 kms

           Nature of the ground: 90% track : soil 60% & soil 30%
           10% track : soil, растительность

The start of the special will take place on a fast, winding track, sometimes technical on old seismic tracks. Driving skills will be honored at the beginning of the stage, then competitors will drive on off-track sections... Navigation will be simplified thanks to the position of the numerous waypoints in this technical off-road. After some sandy sectors the last kilometers will be fast enough.

18/07 Leg 9: Urumqi - Hami 719,55 kms «The golden dunes»

           Road section 1 289,72 kms
           Selective section 384,40 kms 

           Road section 2 45,43 kms

           Nature of the ground: 55% track : soil 
           45% track : soil, растительность 

A very nice rally-raid stage, varied and really "Africa" stype, in desert landscapes. From the very start, competitors will be facing a wall of dunes! Then they will alternate sections of tracks and off-track, all on a sandy ground. Caution to the many broken dunes. A beautiful special with beautiful scenery of sand and canyons!

19/07 Leg 10: Hami – Dunhuang 484,33 kms «The track to caves»

           Road section 1 66,60 kms
           Selective section 340,00 kms 

           Road section 2 77,73 kms

           Nature of the ground: 95% track : soil 85% & stones 10%
           5% track : soil, gravel, soil

Competitors will be racing the first kilometers on soil tracks where pleasure of piloting will be omnipresent! Wadi crossings, canyons, attention must be paid to punctures because of many stones along the track! This special will peak at nearly 2000 meters!

20/07 Leg 11: Dunhuang – Jiayuguan 561,11 kms «The 4.000 lakes track»

           Road section 1 44,28 kms
           Selective section 330,20 kms 

           Road section 2 186,63 kms

           Nature of the ground: 95% track : soil 75% & gravel 20%
           5% track : soil, gravel
           Altitude : от 1.376 до 2.508 м

Small dunes quite tricky on the first part of the special stage! Then the competitors will drive on a track through the mountains, rather fast, to climb to an altitude of 2500 meters. Wadis, off-track, they will have to stay focused! The track can sometimes be bad,  with many changes of pace.

21/07 Leg 12: Jiayuguan – Alashan 666,92 kms «Big desert»

           Road section 1 183,50 kms
           Selective section 425,00 kms

           Road section 2 58,42 kms 

           Nature of the ground: 81% track : дюны 10% & soil 61% & soil 10%
           15% track : дюны 10% & soil, gravel 5%
           4% tarmac

Longest special in China, this stage will offer competitors an ocean of dunes! A first part pretty fast in the wadis, very pleasant for driving. However careful with navigation with many changes of direction, often visible at the last moment! A breathtaking landscape with the presence of many lakes in the dunes. After the sand, competitors go down to the valley to complete this special on a sandy track and a few more sections of off-track. Surely one of the most beautiful stages of the rally!

22/07 Leg 13: Alashan – Wuhai 724,89 kms «Road to mines»

           Road section 1 30,94 kms
           Selective section 367,44 kms 

           Road section 2 326,51 kms

           Nature of the ground: 80% track : soil 60% & soil 20%
           20% track : dunes 15% & soil, растительность 5%

The start will be given in a wadi with a steady pace. Then the track will tighten between the dunes, it will be important to stay in the right valley, where many waypoints were positioned. A very beautiful special, marked by alternance of terrain. Follow the road book!


23/07 Leg 14: Wuhai – Hohhotо 755,42 kms «The right Heading…»

           Road section 1 72,67 kms
           Selective section 261,00 kms

           Road section 2 421,75 kms

           Nature of the ground: 70% track : soil 60% & soil 10%
           30% track : дюны 25% & soil, растительность 5%

This special will be mostly run on sandy  and fast tracks, pleasant for piloting. But many dunes will spice up this last step! The latest dunes located a few kilometers from the finish could cause changes in the rankings and some surprises! Please note this is a real special that should not be underestimated and this, until the final kilometer ...

24/07 Leg 15: Hohhot - Beijing 507,68 kms «The great wall»

           Road section 507,68 kms

           Prize Giving Podium Ceremony in Beijing 
           14.00 – 18.00