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Participants safety is a priority for the Silk Way Rally organisers. Therefore, you will find below a document summarizing all insurance covers of the rally, so that you can subscribe appropriate additional insurance.

Insurances borne by the organisation :

  • Medical Insurance: Mutuaide

  • Repatriation Insurance: Mutuaide

  • Third party Insurance: Ingosstrakh


Insurances borne by competitors :

  • Green card (vehicle insurance): compulsory in all countries crossed by the rally.

  • Personal accident insurance: strongly recommended. It must have the option « Medical extenses », so as to cover all potential medical costs.


We offer the option to purchase additional "green card" insurance for the three countries crossed.
You must fill in the TABLE "GREEN CARD INSURANCE" and send it back, filled in, to:
You will then get prices and modalities of registration.


The medical form below must be downloaded, filled in and sent back to Mutuaide, before June 20th, 2016.

Contact at MUTUAIDE :