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Dear participants!


Specific fuel for racing cars will be supplied by "Sky Fuels" LLC.

They will be providing Avgas 100LL. Refueling will take place at each bivouac from drums of 200 liters, at special place approved by organizers. During scrutineering and administrative checks fuel will be issued only in drums, filling up is carried out independently. Please send your requests for needed amount of fuel before 30th June, 2016.

Payment can be carried out to our account or by cash before 30th June 30, 2016.

Due to the fact that Kazakhstan stopped delivering Diesel class Euro-4 and Euro-5, only Diesel class Euro-2 will be available in Kazakhstan.

Nevertheless, Ltd. "Sky Fuels" will deliver Ecto Diesel Class 5, according to the preliminary application.

The application form is on this link:

Phone: 8-925-122-74-15 Ekaterina Doronina



The Shenzhen Qianhai Fengying Energy Trading company will be present on every chinese bivuacs of the SILK WAY RALLY 2016 to supply 3 types of fuels for the competitors :


· GASOLINE #98 and #95

· HOMEBRED DIESEL (compliying with national V diesel emission standards, chinese produced in areas around Beijing)

Delivery will be organized on each bivouacs at a place approved by the organizers thanks to fuel tanker trucks with a dedicated crew for the refuelling.

The order form can be dowloaded below


We thank you to send your fuel orders forms before July 8th. Corresponding payment have to been done by bank transfer (USD or RMB)

Contact : Ms Zhou Tel(English):86-13269567482